CPC Deadline moves closer – are you up to date on the required CPC modules?

With the deadline date of 9th September 2019 becoming ever closer drivers and employers are starting to realise that time is running out!  However according to an official Government statistic, nearly 220,000 fewer hours were uploaded than the corresponding month in the last 5 year cycle.  Driver Training organisations highlight the following reasons for this apparent lack of training hours –

  • Brexit…..a common belief that a Driver CPC will no longer be needed.
  • Operational Pressures stopping employers releasing drivers to attend courses.
  • Limited Training budgets.

Your Driver CPC should be taken seriously, for contact details of recommended Driver CPC Training companies contact our office now on 0116 366 6530.

Periodic training –

To maintain your qualification you must complete 35 hours of training within the last five years validity of your current DQC, unless you hold Driver CPC qualification for both bus and lorry and the expiry dates for bus and lorry differ.  In this case if you wish to maintain qualification for both bus and lorry, you should complete periodic training by the earliest expiry date.

It is recommended that drivers select a varied programme of periodic training that is relevant to their day to day role.

Brexit delays – UK Hauliers given green light to continue to operate across the EU.

As has been widely reported, the UK Government and EU agreed on 11th April to delay the UK’s exit from the EU until 31st October 2019. While the Government hopes to leave before this date, that will only happen if a deal can be agreed.  UK hauliers can continue to operate across the EU as usual until the end of October, or longer if a transitional period is agreed. However if a deal cannot leave then the UK will leave the EU on a ‘NO DEAL’ basis.

Compliance – Infringements, poor driving standards.

According to a recent Government report, supplied by Vehicle Operating Standards Agency ( VOSA), Driver Infringements are on the increase,  combinating in poor driver hours knowledge and in some cases a complete breakdown in the operating procedure of the digital tachograph that is installed in the vehicle.  With increasing sector pressures and a very evident skill shortage in the industry, VOSA are struggling to cope with the dramatic increase in reported incidents, believing a dramatic lack in driving standards and employer responsibility to blame.

Smart Tachograph – From 15th June the EU, including the UK, will see the mandatory fitment of a ‘smart tachograph.’

From the 15th June the EU, including the UK, will see the mandatory fitment of a ‘smart tachograpgh’ into vehicles first registered  from this date.  The system will incorporate several improvements to physical functionality and capability, most notably the addition of location data.  A greater security with improved speed sensors and speed trace and remote roadside enforcement.

HMRC -Off -payroll working rules – April 2020 will see the biggest reform in the private sector for years.  Is your limited company legitimate?

Employed by your own Personal Service Company ( PSC)?  if so, you need to continue reading! The government has announced that the re-form to the off-payroll working rules introduced for engagements in the public sector in April 2017 will be extended to the private sector from 6th April 2020.  In essence businesses will become responsible for assessing the employment status of the off payroll workers (PCS).  The off payroll working rules – commonly known as IR35 – are intended to ensure that individuals who work like PAYE employees pay broadly the same taxes.  All Personal Service Companies (PSC) satisfy the HMRC Check Employment Status for Tax (CEST) in order to continue trading within those parameters.  The government are now seeking that all engagers of Pay As You Earn ( PAYE)  / Personal Service Company (PSC) adopt responsibility for deciding whether to worker would have been regarded for the income tax and National Insurance contributions (NIC’s) purposes.

For more information regarding your current employment status and the new government proposals, please call the branch on 0116 366 6530.  You do not need to work for Driver Resource Recruitment to gain any assistance.

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